SO, I’m a Mac fan, obviously because I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before…I’m currently using a 2007 MacBook I built from spare parts. It works great and all, but I have been fancyin’ one of those Aluminum Unibody MacBooks since the first time I laid eyes on the mere image of one. It was lust at first sight basically. The sad thing is I haven’t had the money to buy one, from Apple or used for that matter. But now I finally have the money to get one, and they discontinued them…[of course]. The good news is, I can afford a MacBook Pro. I buy most of my things off eBay but I want one with a warranty, new from Apple that I can actually call my own and be the person to open that one for the first time. Hold it, rub it, use it, love it, and what not. I’m a bit of shop-around person, so I look elsewhere other than Apple to find one with a warranty that is cheaper, but by gosh I couldn’t find one. I don’t really want to fork over $1200 for the base model, so I talk to a friend and he gives me some excellent advice: Refurbished Macs. They are slightly used and they come with a one year warranty just like the brand new Macs, plus you can also buy Apple Care to extend that warranty for another two years. Oh yeah, and I save $200 just by buying a “used” one. I’m ALL excited and giddy now that my heart, mind, and soul just get overjoyed. But then I hear that the MacBook Pro line is long overdue for an update. I hear this last Friday that they will probably be introduced with the updated Mac Pros next Tuesday [today]. I wait all weekend because if I’m gonna drop some serious cash money I want to get the top product for my hard earned money like any other consumer out there. I keep checking all the rumor sites and keeping Google News-ing “new macbook pros” but alas, nothing comes from Apple or any other source except the same things I’ve been hearing all weekend. The Best Buy screenshot I keep seeing is giving me hope that they will be released this week because the day they supposedly receive the shipment on that screenshot [I think] is March 14th, which was Sunday…but they wouldn’t release it on a Sunday. So this has me befundled, I’m extremely anxious to get a MacBook Pro, but I don’t wanna go get the current generation and then the new AWESOME ones come out a few days/weeks later…that would just suck Apples [‘dja see what I did there?]. Oh well, I’m just gonna wait and see how the week plays out. Hopefully some more rumors will come up that might give me a clue or an bit of hope to hold onto, but until then waiting is all I can do.

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UPDATE: I know I’m late to the party but Apple updated its MacBook Pro lineup about a month ago, and a couple weeks ago updated its MacBook lineup. So there’s officially no difference between a MacBook/MacBook Pro…except whether you want “Metal [paper] or plastic?”