Season finales are always tough: one being your possibly favorite show is going on hiatus for several months, and they are normally cliffhangers which mean *sadness*!! So, how was the season finale of Glee in my opinion? First off, it was BRILLIANT, in so many ways! **THERE ARE SPOILERS, BEWARE!!** –> If you haven’t seen the finale…GO WATCH IT! ๐Ÿ˜€

It was definitely my favorite episode this season. The songs were the best part, especially the way they incorporated them into this episode. I mean normally they are incorporated but this episode was truly great. I kind of thought that they wouldn’t win first place just on account of the story and that in the end something would happen to make up for them not winning, and it did; that song to Mr. Shuester was perfect. Anyways, back to the competition, every song that was sang by both teams (Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions) had chills running all over my body throughout every song. The Glee cast can cover some songs! I thought Don’t Stop Believin’ was so symbolic because in the pilot episode of Glee there were only a few people in the Glee Club so that meant there were very few voices singing in the song; however in the season finale when they sang Don’t Stop Believin’, it was almost (if not everybody) singing. To me, that was so beautiful because it showed how strong they had grown throughout the season and how many people were connected. I have both versions of the song now, but the second version is my favorite because each person has a distinctive part. I actually teared up at a couple of points: some were because I was overjoyed (like when Shelby adopted Beth) and some (like in the very beginning) were because it was utterly dismal.

Bohemian Rhapsody was (not to offend) one of my favorites; the normal version is and so was the Glee cover. I loved how they incorporated Quinn in labor with the song, so each little interjection during the song was somehow worked in with the hospital scene. The part when everybody was rushing Quinn in the hospital was priceless, like they didn’t care about the competition because their friend needed them and they wanted to be a part of that. However, I thought it kind of strange when Rachel stayed, but it made sense because she had to play a few minor parts in the progression of the rest of the episode: telling Shelby about Beth, and when she was watching Jessie perform while he was devilishly looking at her. His hatred for her was fueling his singing and to me made him want to try and show off because he “knew” his team would win. “MAMMA MIA, MAMMA MIA!!”

I had a feeling that Rachel’s mom was going to adopt Beth as soon as Rachel told her that Quinn was at the hospital and had just had the baby. One reason was because she said she wanted a fresh start, and then when Rachel told her the baby was a girl, she kind of perked up. So, when Puck and Quinn were staring at Beth next to all the other babies in the recovery room, and then Shelby walked up next to them…I started shouting at the screen and freaking out because I had pretty much predicted it! I was overjoyed; that was one of the parts where I teared up actually.

When those judges compared Sue and the Glee Club, I was like “oh no they didn’t!” (on Sue’s behalf) because in her mind she is far from their standards, but she’s not as popular as Josh Grobin or Olivia Newton-John; so she’s kind of in the middle of a nobody and a star. Which is really what the whole show is about: being a nobody yet being a helluva lot better than average.

Even though the Glee Club “was no more” after they lost, I knew that it wasn’t truly going to be over. Mostly because there are two more seasons scheduled (of course), but I just didn’t know how they would get the Club back. The farthest way in my mind was that Sue would revive it! I knew something was up when she came to see Will, I mean I kind of thought she might come to rub it in his face but then again I think she is softening up to a degree. I doubt she will ever let her heart show though.

All in all, this episode was a mixture of happiness and sadness, which is how most (even though not permanent) endings are. So many stories came together and the music that was performed was spot on with the storyline. It was sad in the sense that it was the season finale, but happy in the sense that everything came together. And even though New Directions didn’t win, they realized how strong they had become which was much better than winning a trophy. Good job Ryan Murphy and the team!

Now to wait for the season two premiere! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€