So, today is the big day for Apple obviously. If you didn’t know that, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, or if you’re an Apple/Mac/iPhone hater, you probably have just ignored all the hysteria (which is undoubtedly hard to do). I admit, I have become a fanboy here recently but I was not able to snag an iPhone 4 on launch day (today), nor was I able to pre-order one but I wanted to so badly.

If I was 18 and had a credit card, I would have definitely went and camped at an Apple Store. Even though most commoners, *ahem* non-Apple consumers, would say camping out is ridiculous, I think it’s more about the experience instead of just trying to be a super douche to get the latest and greatest new iGadget. Instead, I’m stuck at a hospital, which I had to get up at exactly 4 AM to get to, waiting patiently for my grandmother to come back to recovery. Since I was planning on going to Walmart or another retailer to get the new iPhone before I had to come to the hospital, my mom graciously offered to go get one from our tiny, local Walmart. She called before taking off work to get it; there were 12 people waiting for it, and the cell phone rep there said they didn’t even have enough for those people, so there was really no need in coming. BUT hopefully I might be scoring one next week from AT&T. I’m gonna keep trying my luck because I really dread it if I have to wait until July 14th for it to even ship (I am leaving that day and not coming back for several days so I would be upset if it came while I was gone).

I’m pretty sure that this was more important than getting the new iPhone even though hospitals, as well as waiting in general, are a real drag, but I’m doing a huge favor for someone which makes me feel *almost* good about myself.

Apple fanboy for life, and soon-to-be-owner of a coveted new iPhone 4…