October 30, Halloween’s Eve, is today. Obviously, just check a calendar…or your phone…or like me, check your watch, or all three because you forgot halfway through the day even though you had already checked previously. This is precisely why we need multiple ways to figure things out and to go about the same task: because we’re lazy, forgetful, and need several ways to do one simplistic thing. Enough said.

Today was a pretty great day in my opinion because the weather was great: the temperature dropped and there was a slight breeze. Fall was in the air, just as the leaves have been on the ground…for quite some time. However, the weather couldn’t quite keep up with the rest of the environment this fall, much like a “late blooming” teenager, the leaves fell long before the temperature dropped.

Amidst all the glorious fall weather and spirit of Halloween, I completely forgot to get a pumpkin. A tradition that was not upheld by my family after I started middle school because nobody seemed to care anymore. And after all these years, I’d think I wouldn’t care. But readers, I longed for a pumpkin, for no specific reason at all except to fill the void of not having one for near seven years.

So I decided I might go get one from the local grocery store, but it’s far too ridiculous for me to pick it up and carve it, only to enjoy its presence for about 24 hours. So scratch that idea.

I will celebrate (by myself) the joyous holiday of Halloween by curling up in my chair and reading a book, all the while munching on marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate bars. And I have to say, that’s pretty great in and of itself. HUZZAH!

So I say for the rest of you: enjoy the holiday in your own way with fellow trick-or-treaters, and I will enjoy it in my own special way.

Here’s hoping I don’t become a lonely old cat-man when I grow old, and also hoping for festive Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in the coming months; the actual BIG holidays I get merry about and partake in.

The most important thing to remember this Halloween is to be safe. Don’t let some guy dressed up as a policeman “take you downtown.” Because we all know pedophiles’ favorite holiday is Halloween. πŸ˜€