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This is kind of impossible for me to even talk about. It’s just so epic I suppose. The thing that fans and critics alike have been waiting for, through all the delays and pushed back release dates they have anxiously been awaiting. But yesterday was the unveiling of this mind blowing, pop culture referencing, product placement thing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well just watch the embedded video. It’s definitely like…..[long pause to think of the right word; deep breath…nothing comes to mind]. It’s just beyond words actually. It fills me with utter excitement because it’s exactly how I imagined it would be…I’m obviously lying because no one could have predicted this; not even Gaga herself. I mean, she’s Gaga…that’s just it. All of these ideas are in her head, and it’s just like she keeps outdoing herself somehow. And there’s a part of you that thinks: “she’s gonna run out of creativity and wackness sooner or later”, and there’s another part of you that thinks: “she’s gonna keep outdoing herself until it literally kills her which is exactly how she would want to go; by the Fame. I’m sure it’s how she intends to go, I mean we all have to die somehow and once we’ve peaked at greatness, where do you go? I’m sure every great “famous” person has to deal with that, the only answer I can give is that they either don’t outdo themselves and they fade away and possibly come back later but they will never be as great as they were before, this is how most “famous people” go out. But this special Lady won’t go that way in my opinion. Everything just seems to get bigger and better for her. I don’t know, I’m just rambling and I felt the need to let this out because I have been one of those people who have been waiting for this…and it was just incredibly ballistic and…brilliant, to say the least. Now on to the video I suppose. I’m not gonna do a whole “synopsis” because it would ruin it for people and then they would have that opinion about it also more than likely, and that’s not what should happen at all, everyone should have their own opinions and be biased to some degree.

This has got to be by far one of the longest music videos ever, it is the longest one I have ever seen or heard of. 9 minutes and 32 seconds of pure LG, Honey Bee, and Tarantino-inspired video is amazing which to say the least is an understatement. It’s just the cinematography, visuals, and the story/plotline of this music video are brilliantly put together. In my opinion, this is a mini-movie which is exactly how it was supposed to be seen because Gaga herself stated she wanted to convolute the way people thought about music videos and pop culture in general [as she always does]. It’s the whole idea that she wants to morph pop culture so that it essentially won’t be the same stereotypical pop culture as we have known it prior to 2008 [before Gaga]. The little pop culture references in this video, which are basically thrown in as easter eggs [it takes a few times to watch the video and catch them, but once you do it makes you feel like there’s a whole other meaning to the “music video” and song altogether]. Another thing I noticed in the video was the “product placement” but not in the sense or self-promotion. They were just things that were used to show how personal this video is. The things I noticed were the Heartbeats earphones that she designed herself [which are in numerous videos], the Paper Gangsta song on the boombox in the Exercise Yard scene [which I found hilarious because I have found that song to be one of the very best on The Fame album but was never promoted and most people have never heard of it much less listened to it], and of course the Polaroid camera [Gaga is a designer for them now]. There were also little things that made you think [which was exactly what Gaga wanted fans to do], for example at the beginning of the video when she jumps on the bars and all she’s wearing are pasties and tape, which goes back to that whole internet rumor “hermaphrodite” thing, I thought that deserved a bravo for her and a touche to the internet rumor-spreader people. Then there was the ein…zwei…dre thing, which I had no idea what it meant but then of course I Googled [yes, I use Google as a verb] and found out exactly what it was, then the context to which it was used was perfectly placed. She purposely leaves little tidbits of things for people to take and digest then think what they want, and if it’s not what she envisioned, then she doesn’t care because everyone has their own way of thinking/processing. Then again, she is the epitome of things being done one way and the meaning being misconceived, which will almost always mean something different, and that’s how she wants it to be. The way I look at it is little breadcrumbs are spread throughout all of her works, and if you catch them, put ’em together, and think about every little detail about ten different ways, you’ve gotten that much closer to figuring her out. I could talk about things like this forever, and maybe I can later on because I kind of aspire to be a writer on the side [slightly] but those were the things that I caught and that’s my very short perspective. The whole mini-movie itself was completely brilliant and was WELL worth the wait. Oh yeah, and the accent at the end along with the holding hands while driving off into the desert was kind of Bonnie and Clyde meets Thelma and Louise. I haven’t completely dissected that part, but I think I’m pretty close….

“Sometimes I felt so deaf in the jam”…


The Library

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So I have never actually been in a library for a very long period of time at all in my lifetime. Maybe an hour at most, but it was whenever I was little and I just played on the computer mostly. Now that I’ve gotten older, it seems that essays and such need sources from other places than the Internet. While the internet is amazing, it is VERY easy to get lost in the labyrinthine puzzle that is the internet; you get side tracked, find other interesting things, and then you look at the time…it’s somehow ten o’clock and you didn’t get any research done. You inadvertently say a profanity in your head, and then you try to get back on task. It’s very difficult to stay on task even though you know that monotonous research paper is due Monday and today is Thursday. Well in my case I just have note cards due, which is basically everything that is going to be in your paper, but it’s just a ridiculous way of organizing things in my opinion. Don’t ask Dr. Josey why they are important though because it’s not wise to argue with her. So, back to the library [see how easily I got off on topic already]. I’m sitting here on my computer of course [because how else could I be writing this] browsing the online site of this library, then I stumble upon one freakin’ book that would more than likely not aid me in my research paper. So then I start browsing other sites of other libraries in my area. The other ones have a plethora of books that I KNOW would aid me, but alas, I don’t have a library card for the other places [of course]. The atmosphere of the library seems to not really stop time but rather slow it down, which is very nice for me because as soon as I get home from school each day, time just flies by. Five hours literally goes into the future in five minutes….bleh, screw you home time. And the library has gaping windows with tables placed in front of them so even as you are on your computer, it’s nice to see there is an outside world. It’s much different because whenever I’m at home sitting at my computer, it’s mildly dark, and the only window that lets in light is about thirty times smaller than those of the library, and I don’t really see that many people or hear them talking like at the library. Although you can only see “the outside world” through peripheral vision, the sun slowly goes down and you can see objects moving and it has a slight calming effect. And the odd thing is, I get a lot more done at libraries. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I like it. The added Wi-Fi [Wee-Fee] is a nice touch also. Just thought I’d post something since I actually feel like I have time, but I’m gonna leave you to get back to my research.

See you guys in the next post….

Jeeze guys, it sure has been awhile…

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Today is the big day for couples, singles, and most of all, advertisers. The big winner for Valentines’ Day (or the National Singles Awareness Day as one of my readers calls it) are companies. Those who sell candy, stuffed animals, flowers, and cards are the real winners on V-Day. I’m sure a few decades ago Hallmark got together with Russell Stover and whoever the fudge is popular for selling flowers and came up with the whole “idea” for Valentines’ Day…and ended up with one of the most popular cliches. They thought they could instill the idea that people needed to buy things for their loved ones (or for themselves, or both) on a certain day to make them feel special. In my opinion I think you should make “that special someone” (as well as yourself) feel special everyday. I try to for myself but I don’t go out and buy something everyday, it’s the little things in life that get me all giddy and help me get through the day. Well, Imma wrap it up with one more thing:

Te amo

Je t’aime

Aloha wau ia ‘oe

Ich liebe Dich

“Don’t it mean I love you…
Think it means I love you..”

I’m Gonna Keep on Loving You…

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…Cause it’s the only thing I wanna do-ooo….[if you guys can’t get this one….dayum]

All day, yes, all day this song has been on repeat on the iTunes in my head. It’s a great song though. REO Speedwagon is not a new band, but I have just recently found them and embedded them in my music library.

Fridays are the best aren’t they? The last day of the week before the weekend and you are FREE….well not if you have Dr. Josey; it’s quite the opposite. But I’m not gonna let it get to me. I’m gonna enjoy this Friday for what it is. Up at my dad’s for the first time in over a month and it’s SO much different than my forte at home. The atmosphere is crazy. There are actually kids other than me and we have a new member. And there is plenty of drama when my sister and stepmom are in the same room. I feel like I have writer’s block, ugh, this is just not like me. Sorry to let ya down. 😦 Not much going through my mind tonight, just thought I’d post something.

Too Much Info for Ya…

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…more like too much info to process and too much to talk about.

Haven’t posted anything in a couple days, been outta town, been outta state really.

Friday: great day until the beginning of first period, but afterwards all was well. The meeting was great with all the laughs and heck even a new nickname [that no one should be proud of]. Having such a good time at the meeting, I was kind of sad to leave since it was the highlight of the day but I already had reservations to be somewhere else at the time. As we made our way to Tennessee, the snow started falling like crazy, the mountain had been closed and a prediction of 10 inches [of snow] had been forecasted [real word???]. Turns out weather people are worse now than last winter, I highly doubt it snowed more than half an inch. But it did sleet and rain the entire time. Getting to our destination was a doozy…seemed like it took forever and I was growing more uninterested by each mile. We reached the hotel at a not-so-record time of 6 or so [normally earlier], and piled into our rooms. It was pretty average, the same one we had stayed in two consecutive years for the same event, so there were really no “great expectations”. Went to the conference center at 7:30, got back at eh….11-ish I believe, knocked out around 1:30-ish.

Saturday: ate breakfast at hotel, a hella lot of french toast, played in the game room and had a LOT of laughs the rest of the trip because of an incident in the game room [no, I wasn’t the victim, I was one of the persons laughing at the victim]. Walked around in the sleet and rain all day “shopping” even though I didn’t buy a thing except for nasty lunch at Shoney’s [you’ll find out more info on that later]. Back to hotel to get ready for service. Laid in the bed for a couple hours feeling nauseous, I didn’t even want to pull out the MacBook and get on the internet, so you know it was bad. I knew it was gonna be a rough night thanks to Shoney’s, but I didn’t realize it was gonna be that bad. Barely get to the conference center, sit down, look around awkwardly waiting for the service to begin, try to eat some hard candy to make the nausea go away [ALWAYS works, didn’t work this time…UH OH, bathroom time]. The one time you go in the stall, there’s a guy next to you who sounds like he’s crapping a foghorn….*ugh and yuck*. {After it comes out both ends, you think it’s over, nu-uh, in an hour, it’s back with a vengeance 10 times worse than the prior.} Go back to seat where the show has started and everyone’s at the front, but I sit down in our row feeling like poo [not literally], goes on another hour and then everyone back to their seats. I barely make it out the row before….BLAAAAHHH right in front of 1000 people. The problem wasn’t the embarassment that I had just thrown up in front of all those people ONE time…it was that I did it multiple times while trying to make it to a bathroom and it squirting all over my clothing, shoes, and jacket, and not to mention the floor and possibly a by-stander or two I didn’t notice. I’m betting the janitors wanted a raise after that fiasco. It’s back to the room after cleaning up. Jump in the bed freezing to death, and then in an instant feeling like I’m burning to death because of the fever. Nothing will stay down, nothing will keep me asleep, nothing is on TV, and nothing is pleasing me. At that moment I would have rather died I felt so bad. I was throwing up constantly my meals from the entire weekend and felt like the meals I had eaten the past week. The one thing I tasted the rest of the night no matter how much I drank was the Shoney’s. Anyone who has ever been sick knows that when you throw up food, and you taste it, you can never eat that food the same way [or quite possibly at all] ever again. The fact I couldn’t keep medicine or even Pepto down combined with waking up every 30 minutes was making me have illusions, driving me insane, and lowering my anger span.

Sunday: Oh lawdy, I thought someone had thrown me off the top of our 8-story hotel, run me over with a Hummer, got out of the Hummer, beat me with a frozen 25 pound turkey, and then threw me in the almost frozen river next to the hotel to dispose of my body. At that point, I had already decided school was not happening Monday. Our trip was to take about 6-7 hours. I would have paid a million bucks to teleport to my bed at my house, or either someone fill me with anesthesia and knock me out for the entire ride so then I could wake up in my bed. The van ride was pure torture. I’m pretty sure I got whiplash while I was trying to sleep and the smell of McDonald’s was making me throw up. I ate a single cracker the whole day, that was it for reals. No elaboration on the van ride home because it was just….terrible. Skip forward>>>>>>to getting home. Take medicine, drink some Gatorade, clean off the bed like a zombie, get in, I have missed calls and voicemails and such but that wasn’t about to be a priority to check at the time, fell asleep watching 30 Rock.

Monday: wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like myself, because even on a normal day I don’t feel like P. Diddy, I doubt anyone knows how to feel like P. Diddy except for himself. But then again he has so many aliases he may not even know. Feeling better but still have a crapload of things to do on the list.

See ya next post readers. 😀

[1015 words….dayum]

The Love I Get From You Is Something I Can’t Change…

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Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on my parade…  [Random lyric of the day]

Earlier in one of my posts I talked about music, how much of a crazy fan of music I am, and how much I basically need it to survive. So, from now on I’m trying something new….plopping a random lyric in my posts. If you think you know what it’s from, post it in the comments and heck, comment on the post anyway. It’s just a new little quirk to connect me with my readers [all three of them] hopefully. The lyric from today will be pretty easy, but they will become harder and some days I may just throw something out that’s been on my heart or on my mind. Who knows, maybe the title of the post is a lyric also… ;P The logic behind the random lyric is that whenever I hear something, it’s gonna have a different meaning to me than to another person [like the reader possibly]. And it could also mean something completely different today than it will tomorrow. The whole gist of the idea is that when an artist writes a song, they have their fans in mind, and they write from the heart; they take the thoughts, words, and emotions from their heart. When you take something from the heart, there’s bound to be blood, so they clean it up and tweak it to perfection, then make lyrics out of it. The most important thing to a true artist is that they strike a sweet note with their fans, they want to feel close to their fans, and also want their fans to feel close to them. If you don’t understand my logic, here’s a secret…[it’s ok, not many people do].

A few things about me that you [might not] know but will pick up on:

  • I love brackets [if you couldn’t tell already]
  • I love ellipses…
  • I love faces 😀
  • I have my own vocabulary, and love to find new words I can use
  • I make lots of allusions and love to make people think

So there you have it, a few random quirks about me you will soon find out about me

“Because I’m just crazy like that.”

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Big Bang? Not quite; overhyped


So, it’s that time of year again. The time where Apple unveils its latest “must have”. The rumors have been swirling for months, heck, really since MacWorld 2009 ended. The iSlate, the Apple Tablet, the iPad. Out of those three you would think the second would be the best, but then you think: “eh, Apple puts an “i” in front of most of their products…” so let’s go with the first choice. You’d be wrong. Apple chose a comical name for their newest gadget. iPad sounds like either a women’s product, or some kind of attachment for a Rock Band drum set; I’m just sayin’. The premise is good, but the features for the price in my opinion, are slightly lacking. Yes it has an almost 10 inch touch screen, but its mostly an oversized, and underfeatured albeit, iPod Touch. I’m not even comparing it to an iPhone since there are no network capabilities except for data [excluding voice] which is $30 a month through AT&T. I’m not here to put it down, or to complain. I’m merely informing. I love Apple and their products, but this one just doesn’t strike me as genius, and it sure doesn’t make me wanna run out like a crazed fanboy and grab the thing. Sure, if I see one I’ll play around with it, but it’s nothing innovative enough to have a whole event about. The thing I do like is the 1 GHz processor, but I was hoping for a camera since we didn’t even see it on the iPod Touch a few months ago. If anyone from Apple is reading this, please don’t take me for one of those people who hate on a product before it’s even released, I’m not hating on it, I’m just sayin’ I think they could have added a few more features us geeks have been wanting. You know how Apple is, they make a product with several nice features at first, but then after using the thing for a few hours or so, you wish it came with a little more bang for your buck. But…that’s how Apple works, they start out a product pretty basic with a few quirks, then slowly upgrade to better features in the forthcoming models.

“I’m just sayin’….”

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