So this week is Spring Break!! Woo! I am so happy! All of the college and high school kids going crazy riding in the back of trucks and packing into the back seats of cars, all screaming while they hang out of the windows of their cars. These are the things I have noticed so far while I am sitting quietly in our 90’s Ford Explorer listening to the radio, texting people, and laughing with my cousin. Some of the other things I have noticed is that Lady GaGa’s Poker Face is probably the most played song EVER! I do like her music, but that song has been way over played. I guess since it is in the Top 5 they are kind of obligated to do it. Haha. I have just been thinking about all of the crazy teens running around, drinking, and acting crazy, and yet we are just the opposite. It is kind of weird since we are staying in the condo RIGHT beside the largest club in the nation, Club LaVela! The Ying Yang twins are there tonight and Snoop Dogg is supposed to be coming sometime this week… I think. This vacation has really sparked some thinking on my part, and I realized that you don’t have to act crazy to have fun. I even thought that because we weren’t making fools of ourselves it was somehow wrong, that we were supposed to let go and go all-out because we are teens and on spring break. I am just enjoying the small things… our condo is awesome, we have a stocked fridge, oceanfront view of the beach, large balcony, two bedrooms, a huge TV in our own room with the 360, Wii, and PS2 hooked up. Plus we have two laptops, my iPod Touch, phones, and Nintendo DS. Electronics are one of the essentials apparently. I would just be happy laying on the beach listening to my iPod, but my cousin would rather be in the room on his DS or watching TV. I mean, you’re at the bloody beach dude! Gah! It does seem like when you pack these days, your electronics more than double the other things such as clothes, toiletries, etc. But I think that is ok, as long as you don’t go overboard and try to bring the TV, surround sound, and all of that razmataz.

So, I guess that’s about it, pizza’s ready and about to sit down with the family and eat….hope this vacation doesn’t fly by….